Children's Murals - Tuckerton Seaport

Joy Marshall
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Children's Mural, Tuckerton Seaport
 Mural of Pigmy Pines

Artist Jesse Demolli painted a children's playground mural at Tuckerton Seaport Museum.  The mural is a colorful depiction of historic Tuckerton and represents a day in the life of a baymen family in July 1948.
Looking through the window, you will see an artistic recreation of historic Tuckerton 'Crik' with baymen at work.
TUCKERTON Children of Tuckerton will be treated to a new enhancement to the playground at the Tuckerton Seaport this week.
Artist Jesse Demolli toiled in the playhouse located in Marshall Meadows at the seaport on Thursday and Friday.

The mural project is dedicated in memory of Joy Marshall and is sponsored by Mrs. Jane Marshall Moeller.  The late Mrs. Edna Marshall is  also honored in the mural representing her beloved hometown and family.

Tuckerton Crik with baymen at work
Kitchen segment, the center of the universe
Kitchen segment of the mural in progress

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