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Demolli Art
Welcome to Saint Michaels Maryland
One of the best little getaways on the Chesapeake Bay
There are not too many places as inspiring as St. Michaels MD. It is beautiful. The spirit community, the people and the vistas all contribute to bring a lasting charm to this small waterfront town and harbor.

Demolli Fine Art Studio offers full services in Saint Michaels Maryland. We provide the highest quality mural paintings, custom faux finishes, and decorative arts services avalaible today. Call today for a free quote

Historic saint Michaels Maryland
ST.MICHAELS - Jesse G. Demolli was just trying to cross the street.
But before he had made it from Carpenter Street to Yesteryear's, he had been offered a job. Then another one.  Then a third.
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Demolli Art Studio paints elaborate wall murals and trompe l'oeil in Saint Michaels, Maryland. We can design a mural for any decor, suit your living room, bath or business. Artist Jesse Demolli specializes in residential and commercial murals. Demolli Fine Art Studio works with interior designers, business owners, museums, contractors, event managers, theatres, homeowners and architects.

Make a statement about your heritage, honor your hometown or its history. Demolli Art Studio specializes in painting historic scene and communities
Mural of the Chesapeake Bay Map
The interior of C-Street dining room will be completely transformed. The artwork includes scenic brick treatment, three murals as seen through painted windows depicting the bay and a map of the Chesapeake Bay. C-Street is an iconic restaurant and bar in St. Michaels and Demolli Fine Art Studio is proud to be a part of that history.
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commission the mural of your dreams today! Simply measure your walls and contact Demolli Fine Art Studio. 407.600.1513

Demolli art believes everyone should have fine art in their home. You can own an original painting, even a custom portrait.
Faux Finish

Whether you want to create the effect of stucco or aged wall paper, we can work with you to create a magical ambiance.

At Demolli Fine Art we repair the damages of the past and we protect your art from the damages of the future.
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Naval Scenic Backdrop

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