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Portraits painted from real life or photos
What better honor than to have a portrait painted for that important person or cherished pet in your life. Artist Jesse Demolli specializes in portraits. At age 14, he painted portraits in Paris. He has been exhibited in Switzerland, Florence, Italy and the USA.

At Demolli Fine Art Studio you can commission your legacy in Art.

Portrait Of Frederick Douglas

Commission portraits of family, friends or pets from your favorite photos. For information and pricing contact Demolli Fine Art Studio

Sara with Mom
Celebrate the beauty of your wife or daughter with a classic portriat. Perfect for debutants, brides and birthdays.  
Pencil portrait

Capture the spirit of a loved one with an original art work. At Demolli Fine Art Studio we offer high quality, hand drawn pencil portraits from real life or photos.

Having your own pencil portraits couldn't be easier, simply send us your favourite photo, and w'll send you back an original Pencil Sketch Portrait.


Fresco Painting of St. Joseph

Imagine you or your loved one depicted in the art of Kings and the Italian Renaissance.

Group Mural Portrait Painting

Mural Portraits on canvas or on the wall can commemorate people or events, evoke the warmth of a family gathering, or capture a moment of glory forever.
Child with Dog, St Michaels MD

Pet Portraits
Immortalize your beloved Pet in a custom portrait. Sportsmen portraits with your cherished dog or horse. Portriats by commission.

Portrait of Ed Henry, Chief of Police

Portrait of Captain Colandrea.
Artist Jesse Demolli paints fine art portraits in oil from life or photographs. He paints children portraits, family portraits, individual portraits, military portraits and much more. All Oil paintings portraits are done on linen canvas for it can last for long, long time.

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