Flora, fauna meet with fine strokes
By Nicholas Huba - Staff Writer

TUCKERTON - Jesse Demolli is trying to recreate the Jersey Shore's different envirement areas along the walls of the Tuckerton Seaport.
Demolli is in the process of finishing up a mural depicting all of the habitats surrounding the Seaport.

"It's a great project" Demolli said. "This area has so many different types of envirements"
"It might be the best that I have ever done," Demolli added.

The mural starts as the Pine Barrens, then runs into the bay area, then goes into the ocean envirement.

Demolli started the project last weekend and expects it to be completed by this weekend.

Tuckerton Beacon
Time Square New York

Artist Jesse Demolli paints a landscape mural of the Pinelands and Great Bay at the Tuckerton seaport  Saturday. When complete, stuffed animals will be placed in front of the mural to represent the habitats in which they live.

After the painting is completed, Demolli will place stuffed animals on the stage in front  of the different areas of the shore to show what kunds of wildlife are located in the  various habitats.

"It will give it a 3-D effect." Demolli said. "People will be able to see the differnet areas from where they com."

In preparation for the mural, seaport officials sent him photos of the area they were targeting.

I used them to get an idea of what I was going to do," Demolli said. "But instead of drawing something out, I would go outside and look at the differnt areas and then take the images and transfer them to the piece.".
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