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Demolli Art
Washington DC Area Murals
Most of the murals painted in the Washington Metropolitan Area reflect my first impressions of this country. I was new in town and still scared of the beltway. Later I learned that I was more afraid of congress than the highways.
The capital has a lot to offer and frankly I painted lots of pleine aire.

Beach Scene
Beach Scene

Washington D.C. Skyline Mural

Demolli Fine Art Studio offers full services in Washington D.C. Area. We provide the highest quality mural paintings, custom faux finishes, and decorative arts services avalaible today.
  • The Art Of Murals
Artist Jesse Demolli is one of the premier muralists working in the United States today. He moved to the United States in 1994 from Florence, Italy where he attended the Accademia di Belle Arti. Jesse Demolli is trained in the traditional Italian art of mural painting, both in alfresco and a secco.

commission the mural of your dreams today! Simply measure your walls and contact Demolli Fine Art Studio. 407.600.1513

Demolli art believes everyone should have fine art in their home. You can own an original painting, even a custom portrait.

Whether you want to create the effect of stucco or aged wall paper, we can work with you to create a magical ambiance.

At Demolli Fine Art we repair the damages of the past and we protect your art from the damages of the future.
  • Theatrical Backdrops
  • Washington DC Decorative Arts
Naval Scenic Backdrop
Demolli Art Studio can create theatrical backdrops on site or off and install them ready for your event. Backdrop murals are lightweight and easy to install. Perfect for weddings, galas, parties, festas and feasts. Call us today to discuss creative options to make your special event unforgetable.

  • Window Art
Window Art
Show your holiday spirit with a custom window painting by artist Jesse Demolli.

Faux Finish

Artist Jesse Demolli is a professional faux finisher with twenty years experience. Whether you want to create the effect of stucco or aged wall paper in your home or business, we can work with you to create a magical ambiance.

Faux Painted Columns

Whether you're looking for exotic marble or a dry Stone look, adding a faux finish to a column makes a big difference. Artist Jesse Demolli is an expert on Marble Finishes and can replicate the look of marble to the point that will be hard to tell the difference between real and faux

Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is not only a classic finish for your walls, it is the healthiest paint and resists mold and mildew. Give your walls depth of color and the elegant shine of marble with the smooth finish of Venetian plaster.

Faux Finish on Metal

Create an elegant finish of oxidized copper! Metal faux finish creates a natural looking patina that imitates the warmth of garden sculptures.

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