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At the risk of seeming trendy , I’d like to argue the eco-friendly aspects of murals and faux finish.  Faux Finish originally started as a way to imitate expensive and inaccessible materials from around the world.  Classic marble columns, warm leather walls, and exotic wood inlay designs can all be painted.  Faux finish combines with murals to create a rich ambiance that can transform a room.  Create a Roman window that opens into a Tuscan vineyard.  Paint ceiling murals of geometric  patterns  or a Giraffe print ‘wallpaper’.  Faux Finish techniques can even be used to create fantastic materials not available for decorative purposes.  Have you considered having an Avatar landscape created for your bedroom?  Decorative art techniques support modern visions of cohabitating with nature, appreciation for the cultural footprints of a complex global society and they don’t damage resources.
Study of Manhattan for mural project
Commission a canvas mural of New York City Skyline today! Simply measure your walls and contact Demolli Fine Art Studio. 813 - 863 - 3419

Painting brings the world to you without destruction.  It shows respect for the things that matter to us.  It allows us to honor the earth without ripping chunks of it up to adorn our homes.  Artists contribute to sustainable communities by helping people interact with their world in gentle ways.  Help sustain an artist and hire one today.


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